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Logistics specialists

We know a way - regardless! 

We realize this is quite a statement, but it is nonetheless what we have done for our customers for more than four decades, and that's rather unique. The job may be simple or demanding, a one-off task or regular services - we solve it, and we always get the goods where they are going. 

We typically handle transportation for companies with a small-to-medium yearly need. We step ind when there is a tight deadline, or when you have too much cargo or too many shipments to handle it yourself. We help when transports are too big or complex, or are beyond what your own shipping office can handle for any other reasons.

Practially speaking, we are your logistics department.


Our strategy

We exist because

The transport MUST arrive. When there is a need, when the task is complex, when delivery is crucial, or when it is urgent. We will get your cargo where it needs to go. Intact, and on time.

We deliver

Nordic transport solutions from the Nordics to the world, around the world, and from the world to the Nordics. In short, global shipping in a Nordic quality, for long and short distances.

We want to be

The freight forwarder asking the least of our customers, measured in time and competence. Whether the customer is a specialist or never handles transports, we make logistics easy. 

Company history

The beginning

In 1977 Preben Bladt established Bladt Spedition, a company which, run by himself, would become a solid, well-run freight forwarding business over the following years. At the time, this mostly meant focusing on paperwork - particularly documentation in connection with border-crossing transportation of goods and cargo. 

New times

In the 90's the company welcomes John Christensen, and a few years later Thomas Hurwitz, as freight forwarding trainees under Preben Bladt. Around the same time the transport sector undergoes significant change. Thanks to international trade market developments, a lot of complex paperwork in the business suddenly disappears, and the focus shifts from documentation to the transport itself. For Spedition Bladt this meant losing a third of the revenue almost overnight.

Fortunately there were young, adaptable forces already in place within the company. As a direct response to the changes in the business, John Christensen and thomas Hurwitz stepped up as representatives of the new generation. Thanks to their energy and solution focus, combined with a clear understanding of the sharpened competition and the higher commercial demands that came with it, John and Thomas came to have an increasing presence in the company from day to day. By his own wishes, Preben Bladt gradually stepped back.


New owners

In 2008 the company underwent a positive and constructive change of ownership. Thomas and John became partners and co-owners of Spedition Bladt.

Over the following decade the two partners shape the company into a modern, international shipping business, with a focus on individually adapted, complete solutions. By the early 2010's theirs is the only one of the old freight forwarding companies on Odense Harbor to have survived and moved with the times. 

New identity

Taking off from an extensive experience in global cross-border logistics, the focus of the company today is fully on the customers who do not have the time or know-how to handle their own transportation, or who have special needs in this area. The customer is offered one-off support and execution, or we may assume complete responsibility for their shipping activities. 

In order to better match the solution focus and their well-established international profile, the company changes its name from Spedition Bladt to Bladt Logistics. At the same time the brand is sharpened, and the core offering is reaffirmed:

The customer only needs one point of contact. Bladt Logistics solves the entire transportation and logistics function. It has to be easy for the customer. The transport MUST arrive.

This is One Stop Shopping for international transport. This is Effortless Around The World.

Thomas Hurwitz


Logistics and business

John Christensen


Logistics and operations

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Bladt Logistics A/S

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Wichmandsgade 5F 1. th.
DK – 5000 Odense C

+45 6613 6818