Nordic transport solutions

As you can see at the website, our strategy contains a statement about delivering Nordic transport solutions, and we also speak of Nordic quality - but what do we really mean by this? It is about roots, culture, renewal, and quality.

Anchored by our culture

We are a Danish company, which our founder built based on deeply rooted Nordic traditions for shipping and transport .

The nations of Scandinavia have always been seafaring nations. The storied vikings are only the most well-known example. In truth, these illustrious forebears actually occupied themselves as much with international trade as with the plundering and pillaging for which they are famous. The finding of ancient Scandinavian wares i far flung places, and exotic goods dug out of Danish soil, bear witness to this.

Exporting to the world

As the Nordics developed, contact and trade with other nations only became more prominent. In history the Nordic countries take up a unique position that made for strong traditions in trading internationally. So small as to not be self-supplying, yet big enough to produce certain goods in large enough quantities for trade, rich enough to import goods from elsewhere, long, accessible coast lines making that most important logistical activity of the past possible; before railroads almost all trade happened by sea.

The same skillfulness which made Nordic wares so desired around the world throughout history also served to make trade both efficient and productive in both directions. With such international trade it stands to reason that a sold transport sector would eventually arise. This is why Denmark and the rest of the Nordic countries of today constitute global actors, with trade and manufacturing businesses reaching around the world.

In a unique quality

At the same time, the Nordic region has a culture which - compared to many other places - has a very strong focus on reliability and deadline management. This is in part due to our world view and tradtions, but also because our societies include highly modern businesses which develop quickly and manage their activities at a very advanced level. Also, labor is expensive in this part of the world - no business can live with having the personnel arrive, only for the goods to be missing.
Obviously, all forms of transport are in play today, as highly modernized, automated transloading facilities have come into being - the palette of transportation methods and options is still growing and diversifying.
All of these factors come together and make our part of the world a place for highly dependable logistics, both locally within the region, and reaching out across the whole world.

Some are still better than others, of course - and it is our clear ambition to continue to be among the very best.