From Spedition Bladt to Bladt Logistics

Since its founding in 1977, the company's name has been a combination of its founder's name and his trade, in the danish word for freight forwarding, spedition. As of january of 2019 this changes - the company will be known as Bladt Logistics.

Everything you know

For the benefit of our existing customers and partners we want to make it clear right away that the core of the business you know will remain unchanged. The name change is due to positive business development.

We are still the same partners and colleagues, our VAT number is the same, and so is our telephone numbers and our bank. The old email addresses will continue to work for a while, too. Even the surname of Preben Bladt is still part of the new company name. We are very proud of our roots, and of being able to carry on a business founded by him more than four decades ago. But we also grow and change.

In an international perspective

The core of our business is international transport, resting on a foundation of our wide experience in cross-border logistics. We serve a local company bringing a single shipment home from the Far East just as naturally as servicing an international corporation with their HQ on a different continent. For this reason alone it makes sense to have a name which is understandable in English - the lingua franca of our trade.

In Denmark - and Germany, to a certain extent - the word 'spedition' is used to cover what we do. In the rest of the world, however, it is not well known. The most common word for our work outside our own language zone is "logistics", ad word that has greater descriptive power, too. We even know this word in Danish, where it means the same.

With one point of entry to everything

It is very important to us that our new identity, including the website and our communication going forward, should reflect our ability to handle the entire logistics function. For new customers it should be easy to decode that our offering is one-stop shopping for every international transport need. We cover all of it.

As a prelude to changing the name and visual identity we honed our corporate strategy, which now supports our future development and positioning. At the same time it clearly communicates that we are in the business of making it easy to move goods and cargo around the world. This strategy is obviously ingrained in our work, as well as being visible through the website and present when we communicate. Thus the overall impression lives up to our new slogan: "Effortless around the world".

Tag godt imod Bladt Logistics – det er bare os 😉